Terms and conditions

By booking any and all works with us you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


1. Booking

  • Booking can be made via the internet, email or by phone.

  • The customer is responsible for ensuring all information given is accurate. Failure to do so may delay fitting/ repairs of your tyres. If in doubt please contact us.

2. Day of fitting

  • We aim to arrive within our estimated times. If for any reason we are unable to we will contact you by phone and will arrange a new suitable time (this may be same day or a different day depending on the customer)

  • The customer is responsible for ensuring suitable parking and access to their property and vehicle. (Please note we will not stop on double yellow lines, or any area that causes a hazard or danger to ourselves or other members of the public) if you are unsure please speak to us before booking.

  • To avoid delays please ensure the vehicle is accessible and that all locking wheel nut tools are available.

  • Upon arrival we will inspect the vehicle for damages. These will be noted and signed for by the customer before work commences. The same process will be carried out after fitting.

3. Cancellations

  • The scheduled work may be cancelled by either the customer or ourselves at any time without reason.

4. Data Protection

  • We store minimal data on our customers. We only store, name, phone number and address for our records only. We store this data in case of product recalls or should any issues arise after fitting.

  • We will not pass your data to any other company or organisation other than where we are required to by law. 

  • We will not contact you or send you promotional information unless you have allowed us to do so.

  • You may request to see the data we hold on you at anytime.